See before you buy, Visit our showroom!

To avoid any unwanted surprises and make sure your happy with the installation you want we encourage you to come down to our showroom. With 2 floors full of our products. The benefit of visiting our showroom is ensuring your happy with all aspects of your purchase.

Visiting our showroom also gives you a chance to see the variety of designs, finishes and products we have available so make sure you have a look around before buying. With our friendly, helpful staff here we’re sure you can find the right product for you.

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Choosing DIY/Trade/Supply only Bi-Folding Doors

Aluminium Bi folding doors are used for many reason’s since it’s versatility is unmatched when it comes to opening up your home. Since it has a 90% opening it turns your outdoor space into another room. Aluminium doors are available in almost any colour imaginable, you can get them in a variety of finish’s to suit you. If you’re ever worried about thing’s like heat loss or safety when it comes to bi-folding doors you’d be forgiven, but with A rated glass to keep heat from escaping and shootbolts at both sides of the interlocks for enhanced security there’s nothing to worry about.

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Make a statement with a DIY Composite Door

Choosing the right composite door for you is important, it’s the first thing guests and visitors see and the last so choosing carefully might be worth your while. Since your door is the focal point of your home you want to choose a door that shows elegance but another and perhaps the most important aspect to keep in mind is security. Luckily for you composite doors are made to look genuinely wooden but contain a material which helps maintain the strength of the door.

Another upside to composite doors is there insulation, the polyurethane core is designed to stop heat from escaping and keep all heat inside your home. Living near busy roads or train tracks can leave you feeling frustrated at the sound of cars or trains running through your home but composite doors are designed to stop sound from passing through. Here at DIY UPVC North east we offer high quality composite doors.


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Why choose a DIY conservatory

To a lot of people, building your own conservatory can seem like a big job and while that may be true or some people the benefits of constructing your own conservatory massively outweigh the drawback’s


There’s an immense pleasure that naturally comes with a project you’ve worked hard on, especially when the results turn out better than expected. Although the work may seem frustrating and difficult at times, there’s no better feeling than having your family and friends mistake your conservatories craftmanship for the work of a professional.


Perhaps the most attractive side of DIY conservatories is the saving of money as you don’t have to hire a team of builders (who may not even do the job right) and if your worried you might actually end up spending more money building your own instead of saving because you don’t know where to start. There is nothing to worry about since all our DIY conservatories come with detailed instructions.


If you hire a team of builders to construct your conservatory it’s more than likely that you’ll have to fit your plans around there’s, but with diy there is no such problem as you can decide yourself when and how long you want to spend building it. The timescale to build your conservatory can also be changed to fit around you, if you just fancy doing it as a weekend project or spending as much free time as you can is completely your choice.

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DIY UPVC North East – Launches TODAY!

We offer a wide range of DIY products such as our profile 22 UPVC windows which are on the cutting edge of energy efficiency and heat insulation designs.

Our French Doors utilize a 9 point locking system with fully reinforced frame and panels for security and peace of mind. They also include our heat saving argon filled glass units which reduces heat loss by over 20 %. Our UPVC and composite doors are available in a range of colours and finishes and are reinforced as standard.

Our Conservatories come in a wide range of designs and like all of our products they contain argon glass units. We also offer as an optional extra Active Blue glass to keep your conservatory cool during those summer months.

Bay & Bow windows are an excellent way of adding a sense of elegance and a little extra room to your house and with us you’re sure of a high quality product. We manufacture our Bi-folding doors using aluminium, a material which we swear by and have continued to do so for many years, We also let you choose any RAL colour for your bi-folding doors to customize it to your taste.

Here at DIY UPVC North East we emphasize quick delivery and service and pride ourselves on ensuring the product is delivered on time and is of a high quality finish. Our price’s are on our website but sometimes vary from product to product so to make sure, feel free to request a quote using the website or call and speak to one of our friendly staff.

One of our main priorities here is too make sure all of our products leave the factory in immaculate condition. This is done through our qualified and trusted employees completing quality control procedures at every point of the process.

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